Mapping preview and Flamingo

The mapping preview in the viewport is not nearly similar to what comes out in Flamingo.
What is the reason?
And how to get it right?
See video.
It is a simple plane 1000x500.

This is a question for the Flamingo developers - because it looks to me like the rendered mode mapping is correct.

Flamingo has always had it’s own ideas about texture mapping.

This issue is filed and I’ll bump it again for the developers. I’m sorry it has not been worked on, at least to my knowledge. Here is a video showing how to make the mapping match from the Rhino 6 Rendered display mode to the nXt 5 render.

Essentially you need to use mapping channel 1 in the material editor and set the repeat value to 1 there. In your video it was set to .01, which happened when converting from WCS. Then use the Properties > Texture Mapping repeat values instead.

Thanks Brian, that is a good hint.

Working with the ‘easy to use’ Flamingo is… the opposite :confused: