Texturing again

This happens regularly

Texture doesn’t scale when scaling the mapping widget

Hi Dedo,

What version of Rhino 5 are you running? I’m not able to reproduce the first screen cast here using Rhino 5 SR6. In your second screencast regarding using box edit on a mapping widget, I’m not sure what you’d expect versus what is happening. Can you explain in more detail? Thanks for these reports, I’ll file any issues I can reproduce for the developers.

Rhino5 SR6 Win7 64Bit
It happened in previous SR too - playing with procedural texture repeating value Rhino looses track of the texture - but the texture is there, in that folder.
On the second video - as you can see scaling mapping widget doesn’t scale the texture - I think it should.

You’re applying a spherical mapping, so uniformly scaling it isn’t going to change the result–any point on the sphere is going to be projecting the same bit of texture at the same point on the model regardless of the size of the sphere. Only the UVW repeat will have an effect in this case.

The first one - yes, you’re right. There’s something wrong here. It looks like Rhino is unable to write to that directory on your desk. Could you check the permissions?

Also, I notice that your rendering mode looks rather odd. Do you have some significant customization there?

It happens from time to time - not always. Permissions are o’key . Rendered mode is by default.

Is there some way I could investigate this by remote control? Get in touch directly at andy@mcneel.com