Texture Repeat not working with some textures


(Garth) #1

Hi Everybody,

This maybe a newbie issue… I am using Rhino 6 with Flamingo nxt 5.5. I design wood furniture so mostly I use wood textures. When I use the stock wood textures with mapping channel 1 and change the repeat value the repeat goes up or down just as it should, both in a rendered viewport and when rendered with Flamingo. However, when I apply a stock fabric texture to an object it looks fine (as far as the repeat value goes) in a rendered viewport, but when I render in Flamingo the texture looks like it is not repeating, or the value is set an a low number.

As far as I can I have both the wood material and fabric material set up the same way, except the texture. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

(Scott Davidson) #3

Garth –

I probably has more to do with the way the mapping is set on the object. Can you send an example that is not working?

(Garth) #4

Hi Scott,

Thanks for taking an interest. I tried sending you a PM. If you haven’t gotten around to it, no worries. If somehow it didn’t go through, the here are the Rhino file, a rendering, and a snip of a rendered viewport showing how I think the fabric ought to look.


GrafBed2Headboard.3dm (2.3 MB)