Rendering woes

I am certain there is a simple solution for this anomaly. I have window snipped a rhino rendering of this work in progress along with a Flamingo of the same. The repeat pattern set up for many surfaces does not seem to be recognized by Flamingo.

Hi Robb,

What version of Rhino and Flamingo are you using? Also can you provide the deck surface only in a 3dm file with the texture map embedded in the file?

Rhino 5 SR Service Release 2017-5-22 (05/22/2017) and Flamingo Nxt Release 3.1 June 6, 20104. Attached is a sample surface with the color option picked as “teakandholly.jpg” Within Rhino, the repeat pattern is as desired; the Flamingo render results in the default repeat pattern of 1,1. as far as I am able to discern. I did make an elegant work around that I should have considered in the first place by creating a new Flamingo texture using the same *.jpg file. This results in both Rhino and Flamingo rendering the same repeat pattern. Many thanks indeed for getting back to me; I’m sure there’s a simple solution that I’ve overlooked. I’m old enough to have skin cancer and lost an eyebrow resulting from a large skin graft just above my left eye. A friend pointed out to me that I may have lost my eyebrow but not my eye when it comes to the design of boats and yachts. Attached is a rendering of the project to which this subject is concerned; a forty five foot hybrid electric trawler yacht with twin 30 KW motors and a 30 KW gen set. Again thanks, Rob

teack and holly sample rhino vs flamingo repeat problem.3dm (141 KB)

Render of the trawler looks great Robb, especially for having been done with Flamingo. Did you ever check out Octane?

Have not work with Octane, haven’t even downloaded a trial. But, I’m up for any truly good renderer that will get the job done. The nature of my work requires often using water as a ground plane then trying to get the most appropriate lighting going for interior work as well. Another feature is hoping for Flamingo (or Octane or another renderer) to include realistic clouds. Still somewhat fuzzy about the problem with Flamingo apparently not recognizing repeat patterns set up within their control panel. While appearing as desired on screen in render mode within Rhino, when rendered in Flamingo it appears that the repeat pattern controls might be ignored. My work around was to create a new texture for Flamingo suing the original *.jpg file I used as a “color” in the Flamingo color control menu while setting my desired repeat pattern within the texture control menu. Saved the day and I’m now moving forward. Cheers, Rob, Robb Ladd Design.

You renderings sure do look nice. The amount of detail in the model seems to be just right to make it look realistic.

As for material in Flamingo NXT 3.0, there are two material types, Flamingo Materials and Rhino materials. You should make sure you are creating a Flamingo material. Within the Flamingo Material you can set the tile size of the material which handles any repeating for you. The material preview may or may not match what renders.

Here is what the Flamingo editor should look like, you can see the width and height for tiling.

If you use Rhino materials, then the mapping is a bit more complicated and not all the materials properties will be available to you.


Here is an early Octane render of mine from maybe 6 years ago. I really like the water and the foreboding sky with clouds in this one. I still love Octane for its speed and simple setup but am sort of moving to Thea for some features such as a true clipping plane. I need to check for latest features on both though as I haven't done any rendering lately.

thanks, Scott. I think I’ve got this nailed down and am proceeding with a simple path animation at a modest resolution so I don’t stay up all night worrying about my water cooled 3930K getting worn out! I learn a bit more each day using Rhino and Flamingo. For animations, I wish that Flamingo were just a bit faster, but I like the results. All the best, Rob