Updating texture colour not updating in models

Rhino v6, Flamingo NxT v5.5

I have a library of custom textures, however colours were not applied when this library was setup.
I am able to open a model using these textures and then edit the colour I wish to apply, and even overwrite the original texture to include this colour when applying it to new surfaces on other models.

The problem I have is that existing models using these textures don’t automatically recognise the colour having been added. If I click to go in and re-load the texture the colour is applied but Material (2) is added to the list as if it is a new material, leaving the original in place.

Is there a way to get Rhino/Flamingo to reload textures to recognise and update these changes, as changing a library of 30+ textures once is better than manually updating hundreds of models?

Hello - It does not look like it’s working as I’d expect so far - still testing…
@A111 - by ‘textures’ do you actually mean Flamingo materials?


Yes, Flamingo materials.
The files I have issue with are all being imported as blocks.

The only way I have been able to make it work is by adding all mey materials into Rhino BEFORE adding any blocks. Only then do they recognise the colour that I have set for them…