Texture not assigned anymore :( - any idea why?

Hey guys did you ever encountered this with a texture, as I’m doing anything with the material or mapping the texure is gone. Thanks for your help!

When simply reassigning the map still get no UVEditor

When assigning a mapping (Surface etc) the texture is gone even It’s assigned in material

@clement is this possibly the workflow how to deal with custom mapping afterwards? Is this something to bake? So bake 12 times since there are 12 pieces with custom mappin left?

@hannesgrebin, my guess is that meshes do not have a surface mapping to revert to, only Nurbs surfaces have this. Do you still have the flattened nurbs surface the mesh was built from ?

Can you post a file of this model? I think that if you see the surface with texture assigned, there is a mapping and it should be viewable with the UV editor.


Thanks clement, if you need the texures pls tell me, since they are big will save you a smaller versionExport BMW Logo Remashed 017.3dm (3.7 MB)

@hannesgrebin, could it be that the UV editor icon does not show up because it is a group ? If i CTRL click on the mesh in the group, i get the icon.


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Whooo!! Thanks! I think I’m overworked!

@clement would be really cool if you could look into some issue for the last time. Would help me so much, since I’m getting better predictable flattened print patterns. As you see I converted the surface into a mesh and retriangulated via Remesher plugin. So as you see Custom Mapping wouldn’t work and I simply can’t figure out why. Despite the distance without no real effect. Can you tell why?

Clement_Forum_CustomMapping Issue Mesh.3dm (1.4 MB)

@hannesgrebin, normally this workflow should do it:

  1. For your surface, apply any texture using any mapping
  2. Bake this texture, you get a new bitmap, it is assigned and the mapping type is changed to “surface”
  3. Create your mesh in Rhino from the surface, do not change its 3d position
  4. Do the remeshing, result is still in same position but has no mapping so far
  5. Select the remeshed mesh, click on the Ducky icon to assign custom mapping
  6. The custom mapping object is the initial surface
  7. Finally, assign the baked map the surface uses as texture to the remeshed mesh
  8. Flatten the remeshed mesh, with its assigned texture

btw. your file did not have a texture included, i´ve just moved the mesh to the same position as the originating surface and applied the custom mapping. Does that look any better ?

CustomMapping.3dm (1.1 MB)


Hey @clement thanks a lot but somehow doesn’t work over here. Zipped everything. Maybe you find time to evaluate this

Texture turns black or weird.

Custom Mapping 02.zip (4.4 MB)

@pascal, can you please open the file @hannesgrebin posted above this response and pass it to the developer responsible for the texture mapping ?

If i do this:

  1. Select the surface
  2. Run the UVEditor

the mapping on the surface (this is the one with blue mesh preview wireframe) changes to this:

So running the UVEditor changes the mapping somethow ? Canceling UVEditor does not bring back the original mapping either which i think is a bug. If i later use the surface as a custom mapping object for the mesh, i get it “correctly” as shown on the surface. But that is not the mapping which is displayed when the file was opened.


And btw. opening this in V6 Wip, after reassigning the texture, it does not display it, only when the object is selected. And it fails using the surface as custom mapping object as well.


Yep, got that. thanks @clement, @hannesgrebin .

@hannesgrebin, i wonder how these size values on your surface arised ? It should normally read 1,1,1


@clement no idea :frowning: I was a little desperate. Thanks for managing this! I’m almost finished with everything!