Cycles loses texture and mapping and can't be restored

I have one object that cycles wipes out the texture and texture mapping completely. It’s not an fbx object but an imported mesh that renders fine and displays in the viewport perfectly along with bumps until I invoke the Cycles VP. If I use cycles VP the mesh turns black then white and loses all textures and if I return to regular rendered view all textures on the object no longer display in the viewport nor do they render using the rhino render even though they are present in the material.

The vp on the right is still processing and loading data into Cycles, the actual rendering hasn’t started yet. You are seeing an OpenGL version of it.

Please share the file with all necessary textures with me via - I otherwise won’t be able to tell what the problem is.

Will do thanks for your response.

@nathanletwory uploaded file as per your instructions. I checked a few things perhaps this may help.
The original obj file works fine in cycles but this file is from rhino where I cut it apart a bit for viz purposes.
The units are no units due to downstream animation.
Thanks for taking a look.

@3dsynergy, the UV coordinates on the meshes seem to be weird/broken. They only occupy a tiny part of the texture space. Rendered mode also looks wrong.

@nathanletwory Yes of course now renderd mode looks bad, respectfully that is what I reported, did you look at and read what I wrote? This is what happend to the mesh after I apply “cyclesVP” in the viewport, cycles is destroying the texture mapping notice in the first pic the texture mapping in rendered mode is fine and if I render it’s fine. All is fine If I don’t invoke cyclesVP but once I do the mesh goes bad. Thankfully I didn’t save the whole file. It’s up to you to fix or not. I like cycles but I keep running into these bugs which kind of get left there and never fixed.
Thanks for taking a look,

I asked for the mesh from before breaking. I cannot investigate after the fact already has happened. FYI, Cycles/Raytraced does not ever write geometry to the document - everything Raytraced gets is preprocessed data that no longer is " in the document"

Well how come it aint broke until I use cycles I guess it’s magic? Again if you look in the attached image you can see that once cycles is used it breaks the texture mapping whether its a combination of cycles and other things that’s up to you to determine, but you side step the issue with mumbo jumbo. I sent you the problem file you must have dreamed that you said original file in your above post I quote you, nowhere do you say before breaking, the file is much too large to send to you so I sent you the problem but you no fix.

The upload link should be able to handle huge files. If you still think that it might not then please use a service like Dropbox or Google Drive to share the file from before the break with me.

I can’t find a fix for the file you sent to me, since the UV is already broken, and I don’t know how it broke.