Once more...material textures! AAAAAG!

OK, I’ve watched videos, I’ve done classes, I’ve asked here, and again, I cannot get Textures correct.

Here was my process.
-Added material “Angrie Polished”
-Selected surfaces I wanted to have the horizontal grain and used “Assign to surface” from the material context menu. (It all looked right) Then I wanted to rotate for surfaces that needed vertical grain. I remembered previous instruction on the used of the UV editor I edited the swatch and all the already painted surfaces changed to what is in the image. Faces that matched became mismatched etc., and using the “Match” command does not work to rectify them.

Shouldn’t I be able to select a surface, apply a material, and scale and rotate with the mapping widget? Shouldn’t I be able to select a surface that is correct and use it to match others?
If so, can some one tell me how, or point me to a tutorial with slow step by step using everyday language.

If you intend to use the UV editor you must make sure you don’t use WCS type mapping (in the texture mapping settings).