Custom Mapping doesn't work - any idea?

@clement as you are the mapping pro around, can you tell me how this ‘Custom Mapping’ would work on the new (triangulated) mesh? Can’t get it working, since I need to edit the texture by dragging vertices afterwords to match the original Print pattern outlines (which differ slightly) (467.2 KB)

Thanks a bunch for checking this!


@hannesgrebin, the rhino helpfile explains that better than i could do.

Imagine an object (either a mesh or nurbs surface) has some surface mapping applied. This is the source object. Then if this object is used as the custom mapping object, eg for a sphere or any other object, the closest points are calculated to this custom mapping object and the texture coordinates at these points are just copied (and interpolated) on the destination object.

In your file, i am not sure which object is the source and destination object. In any case, they should lie above each other for this to work and the custom mapping object might better use UV (surface) texturing. Does that help a bit ?



Just found out two! should be NOT overlapping but Starting mesh should be above target mesh. Many thanks for looking into this!

Here is my process

@hannesgrebin, that looks good :wink: i guess using ray instead of closest point shoots into normal direction.


@clement Does not work as expected always. Have to tweak it manually now via control polygon! Keep u updated! H

@hannesgrebin, one thing to note for using the custom mapping object is that whenever you move it, the mapping does not automatically update. In this case, i delete the mapping on the receiver object and reassign again the custom mapping. Otherwise it does not really work over here.


Ok, same here. So but there is no reason to replicate and understand this? Thanks for your help @clement!