Texture Mapping in WIP

I have been playing around with the WIP and I have found that when I apply, say the brick paver material, I can’t get the texture mapping to work. I am trying to just adjust the scale of it and no matter what changes I make the material doesn’t change in the render viewport. I have tried planar (both UV and UVW), box, and surface mapping and they all look the same even after tweaking the numbers and scaling the widget.

So what am I doing wrong? I have no problem with this in Rhino 5.


@DavidEranen, is this what you toyed with on Friday?



Is this a brick paver material from the library? If so, all library materials are real-world scaled - so there’s no way to adjust the mapping for them by default. You would have to go into the texture controls for that material and change the mapping type to “Mapping channel”



It is from the Rhino WIP library. I was adjusting the mapping for an object. I will give it a try.