Materials go in all different directions and scales on a single poly surface

Hey guys. This Problem has been plaguing me since I started using rhino and adding materials. For example, I have a closed poly surface, in a layer, and i add a material to the layer (brick). what i see is a bunch of different brick textures on the same polysurface going in different directions and scaled wrong.
It would be nice if i didnt have to make individual surfaces and just put it on top of my polysurface.

In sketch up, there is the paint bucket tool which makes it super easy to apply to one surface and looks nice but nothing like that in rhino.

Hi Kevin - Rhino uses UV surface mapping by default but there are several alternate mapping styles that can be applied, per object, in the Properties > Mapping page.

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As Pascal mentioned, this is due to the default texture mapping method for the brick image being set to the surface UVs for each surface in the polysurface. The fast fix is to set the brick texture to use WCS box style…

You’ll have to do the same for the bump texture in the material and adjust the size for the repeat value as needed.

Thank you so much! havent mastered this yet so its not perfect but its pretty dang close. good enough for government work as my dad would say…

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