Material mapping not working


make a rectangular surface 10x10 in top view.
And now assign a material from library to it.
Also see the good looking material preview.

The preview in Rhino is very dark:

The object displays fine:

Now let’s change the mapping.
Let’s try to rotate the grain.

No effect.
Also no effect with all the other controls.
In V5, e.g. UVW rotation W=90 displays immediately.

What is going on with mapping?
Seems not ok to me.



Yes - the materials in the library are world-scale, which means UVW changes don’t affect them (they aren’t affected by the UVW on the object).

  • Andy

When I compare to V5’s behavior, there is an effect, and it works as expected.

If it is not possible to change the mapping in V6, the material are more or less useless.
I have the feeling I miss something.

For the dummy please:
How I can I change, e.g. rotate, the mapping?



It is exactly the same as V5’s behaviour - if you set the textures to be WCS.

However - I do agree with you - this is a limitation in Rhino that we have to overcome - and it basically comes down to the problem that there’s no Object Coordinate System.

  • Andy

[quote=“andy, post:4, topic:42444”]
It is exactly the same as V5’s behaviour [/quote]
I’m not very used to mapping.
It was always a kind of struggle in Rhino, and still is.

When I do the same in V6 as in V5, I get very different results (no result in V6).
IMO this is not the same behavior…

How to do that?