Text tool for Rhino 6 not working


Dimension_Leader also doesn’t work. Same for Text object.


Nope. Same as Dimension_Leader.


Ordinate dimensions and all other dimension tools do work.


I was wondering if this might be comma/decimal related? --Mitch


You mean if there is some text in the file? Yes. Tested with Phytoscript from Helvetosaur.

(Alain Cormier) #50

Ok so you could only add text with the script.

The fact that Leader, Text, TextObject don’t work but ordinate dimensions do gives me an idea. Be right back

(Alain Cormier) #51

If you run the PlugInManager command, in the list of plug-ins do you see a Commands plug-in and in it enabled?


Uhhh. Now I get really excited. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

(Alain Cormier) #53

Don’t get excited yet :slight_smile:


Yes I do. See screenshot. Also attached command line after entering text

(Alain Cormier) #55

That gives us something to go on. Will look into it more. Thanks

(Steve Baer) #57

I’m sorry if this sounds like asking the same thing over and over again, but I want to make sure we have a very clear understanding of what is and what is not working. Please try the following:

  • type _-Text on command line in Rhino. Please make sure to include the underscore and hyphen at the beginning.

  • Does the command line update to ask you to input a text string?

  • If the answer the the above question is yes, please type hello on the command line and press enter. Are you able to place some text in Rhino?

This will help us better understand if the command exists and if the problem lies in showing a dialog or in the logic of creating text.


Ok. I will go on tomorrow as I a am already off for today. Thank you.


Yes. This works.


Can it be that the dialog is off-screen?
I had this once when I changed my monitor setup.
TestResetWindowPositions helped.




OK, so -_Text is working, you can make text with it… as per my post (#17) above?


Yes. But doesn’t help for text object or dimension leader


If you paste the following into the command line (or run it from the MacroEditor) does it work?

! _-TextObject "Hello World" 0,0,0 _Enter

How about this?

! _-Leader _Multipause "Hello World" _Enter


Generates Curves „Hello world“ to 0,0,0