Text tool for Rhino 6 not working

@Sascha_Holland-Kuhn -

Do you get anything when you run the following Python script?
(save the .py file it to your desktop, type RunPythonScript, browse to the file and OK)

AddTextTest.py (103 Bytes)

Cannot generate any text. That’s all.

I did install latest SR3 today. Rhino 6 SR3 2018-3-13

There is no ‘change’ after right clicking

Yep. It says ‚Hello world‘

I can modify and do everything but still not generate a text

OK, that’s an indication that the actual core command to generate text is working. Therefore, I suspect it’s an interface problem and as I said before, maybe a localization issue… What language is your OS and what language(s) do you have installed with Rhino?

First time I opened Text in Rhino6 I also could not figure out how to input anything-I had to drag the bottom of the mini window open from the bottom to expose the empty field for inputting new text. It was completely closed and hidden until I did this but actually the text tool works great.

Both german.

But in your case Rhino was not waiting for you to enter a new command?

OK. Do you also have English in the dropdown in Optionen>Darstellung? If so, can you try switching to English, close Rhino and re-open (UI should now be in English) and try running Text or -Text again?

If English isn’t already installed, and you are willing to try, you can close Rhino, re-run the SR3 installer, click the gear wheel at the lower right and check English as well as German and let it install (it will just install the language pack)…

When I started Rhino6 the first time and clicked on the Text tool it opened a window that let me modify text but there was no place to enter new text. I dragged the bottom of the window down and this exposed the field I could type new text into. Maybe this is not the problem you have, sorry if I misunderstand.

Apparently he is not able to create text even with -_Text, which should bypass the dialog and just allow you to type the text at the command line, pick an insertion point onscreen and enter (no dialog).

No worry. Thanks for your thoughts anyway.

OK. Now I installed english and rerun Rhino but still didn’t change. Kind of annoying. I uninstalled Rhino now, restarted the computer reinstalled Rhino both languages. No idea what else to do.

Sorry and many thanks for your effort until here.

Yep, I’m out of things to try here… :confounded: Will need bigger brains than mine to figure it out obviously…

Thank you anyway. Maybe in one of the sleepless nights you will get the brilliant idea and hopefully you remember me then.

This is very strange indeed.

So when you type the Text command you don’t get a dialog but are returned to the Command: prompt as if nothing happened?

If you type _-Text do you get this?

And now if you press the Enter key after typing SomeText do you get a Pick point: prompt?


Exactley like that. I have no clue why. Never happened to me in any other previous version of Rhino.

I still have installed Rhino 5 but I doubt that this might cause the problem.

Hi Sascha - does TextObject work?


So the _-Text command is working, i.e., at the Pick point: prompt if you click in the viewport a SomeText text annotation is created?