Text not closed for laser cutting

Hi there,
I am using a laser cutter through LightBurn to cut text into a surface. I have been typing the text into Rhino then exploding and joining the final text. I am saving the files as “.dxf”. When importing and going to print the text, LightBurn shows the message attached which essentially tells me the text is not closed.

Is there any way through Rhino that I can close all the surfaces so that LightBurn can print the text?

Thanks in advance for any help!

rhino issue

why did you explode the text? and join? does that mean you exploded the text twice? exploding once simply converts the text into curves but should keep them closed. i can only imagine that the quality of your font is suboptimal, but other than that it would need a portion of your text which exhibits the issue to investigate.

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Hi Joshua -

Apart from what was said, I assume that you mean “close all curves”? You can use the Rhino SelOpenCrv command to find open curves. The CloseCrv command will close these with a single line segement - which may or may not be what you want…


It’s also possible that the.dxf scheme you used is set to explode curves on export. Maybe check that. If you simply used the “Default” scheme that will certainly be the case.

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Thanks for your help. Think it’s up and working now!