Exploding text problem. Any workarounds?

Hi you all!

I have to get some labels done for some internal silly awards, so I have to use same font/labels that in years past. I went to my file, made new labels and explode text to make it into objects and it’s all broken.
See here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5l3959hg34o37cd/exploded_text_no_good_gf_131205.jpg

I did a search and it’s a problem/bug in current version of Rhino? Any work around anybody could suggest to get this into outlines with this same font?



Hi Gustavo - see Lowell’s comment here at the very bottom of that thread- it looks to me like this is exactly what is happening - the font is not a closed curve. MyriadPro in the TextObject command shows this. I guess the workaround is to use TextObject rather than Text , and make sure ‘Allow single stroke fonts’ is not checked.


hi Pascal,

ok, I’ll keep that in mind. Now that all these plaques where done ended up being easier to export as .PDF and then in illustrator convert to outlines. The fact that the fonts explorted intact from CAd to PDF is pretty mind-blowing. It’s like living in the future man! :stuck_out_tongue: