Trimming, splitting, and booleaning surface commands not working

Hi there,

I’m struggling to figure out why using the split command worked on one area of my surface, but failed to work on another. Is there something I am missing? is it a bug? or do I need to change something in my settings?

Thanks in advance

@milosutter, hard to say from an image, my guess is that curve was not closed before you extruded into your cutter polysurface. Run _SelClosedCrv to find out if the curve is closed. If it is not selected, use _CloseCrv, then trim or split.


Thanks for the reply. It is closed; I’m still perplexed as to why I can’t split!

Can you post your file containing the problematic objects ?


Right. Thanks -
150804_Brunette_split surface struggle1.3dm (515.3 KB)

edit: also need to change transparency of the surface
( Changing transparency on a hatch )

Select your cutter object, then run _ShowEdges. The cutter is not closed. Close it along the two vertical naked edges, eg. by lofting a surface between them, join it with the cutter and split will work.


Thank-you so much! that was the exact problem.