Close export curves


(Carlos Travaini) #1

I’m using the Shapediver export function for dxf and when I export the curves thet are explode. Is it possible to export the curves close like splines or arc? The same gh result into Rhino generate closed curves.

I had notice that I’m able to solve it modifying the curves in polylines, however I have to add many nodes in order to have an uniform curve and my intention was obtain the lessest number of nodes.


(Alexander Schiftner) #2

The DXF export function uses the Default export scheme of the DXF exporter. This scheme explodes polycurves by default:

In the future we are likely going to add a possibility to choose the export scheme or somehow else configure these parameters.

(Carlos Travaini) #3

ok, thanks for your reply. In any case, I noticed that the dxf download worked correcly with Rhino 5 and now, after Rhino 6 updating, makes problems to my plans. Not only it explodes them but also it erases some lines, this is a big problem for my business since it is based in the commercialization of dxf plans for cnc machines.
I really appreciate any your advice in order to solve this problem.


(Alexander Schiftner) #4

We investigated and found a bug which explains this problem. It will be fixed in the next days. Until then we could temporarily switch your account to the Rhino 5 system, let us know.

(Carlos Travaini) #5

Switch me to Rhino 5, if you think it advantageous. In any case I hope that the change does not make any compatibility problems with my last furniture collection updated with Rhino 6.
Whether this gives problems, I can pass provisionally all the Rhino 5 models to polylines waiting for your changes.

In the even that the amend does not take to much time, I can wait and inform my clients about a brief stop of the site for maintenance .

(Alexander Schiftner) #6

We deployed a fix. Please check again whether the problem has been solved for you. Be aware that solutions are cached, i.e. if you recall a solution which has been computed before, using exactly the same parameter values, then it will not get recomputed.

(Carlos Travaini) #7

ok, all works correctly, thanks for your prompt assistance.
I’ll be waiting for can export closed splines in the future

(Alexander Schiftner) #8

I realised that the description I provided above, regarding the Default DXF export scheme, was wrong. Please excuse the confusion. On Rhino 5 we are using the “2004 Solids” export scheme that ships with Rhino 5. This scheme is not included anymore in Rhino 6, hence we recreated it to match the settings of Rhino 5. These are the settings being used (screenshots from Rhino 6):

As you can see, polycurves get tessellated. That setting is a bit unfortunate, but we can’t change it now. We will include a possibility to specify a different export scheme in a future release.

(Carlos Travaini) #9

It was very helpful see your dxf Rhino server configuration. For my Shapedivers, the perfect configuration is Polycurves to Splines (I tried it and I export perfect plans) but, of course, I understand that you have reasons for no activate it.