Laser cutting file

Hi all,

I am working on a simple 2D laser cutting file with engraving text in Rhino which contains text and some arcs, curves. My question is, knowing that “Explode” the text will create the outline of the text with my desired font, does the laser cutting machine will read it as is? Or are there more steps to text? Or maybe just use export DXF and tick “hatch as solid”?

Secondly, some of my curves are .5/.7, etc. Do I need to do anything to these curves? Does the laser-cutting machine read the printed line-weight?

Thank you

This will depend on your laser. Some laser driver software will automatically raster curves with a line weight thicker than a certain limit - otherwise they will be vector cut. Text blocks are also normally rastered, if you explode them into curves or use TextObject, they will be vector cut.

You need to consult your laser driver software manual to see what it does/can do with various types of inputs.

the laser itself doesn’t know anything about lineweights. It is the driver or job-processing software that interprets the data in the file being processed and then it sends that information to the laser in the form of commands.

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