Text - Fonts missing + some wishes


I’ve just upgraded to Rhino v6 and am happy to see many improvements, mostly display speed is a great deal for me. I thought I’d share some of my wishes that would improve my workflow. I’m using Rhino for architectural design and visualisation (vray).

Text: Some fonts seem to be missing (picture). Ability to set different hight of text inside a textbox. Indent using Tab for bullet point-style text

Hatches: alow editing hatches like lines /polygons. Triming, merging, etc. Hatches with transparency. Maybe a new kind of object would be nice for this, a always closed polyline with built in hatch that updates automatically (something like in vectorworks), with the ability to display the area in the center + text.

handles on both sides of X/Y/Z axis of gumball (ability to stretch object by just pulling one side, instead of having it strech both sides of axis with center as base point)

ability to lock viewport camera

add a mapping proprety to layer (like material)

integrate a merge all faces option in bool union and ability to leave it on as default

some way to randomise the position of the mapping widget position

move command: ability to move object by a fraction of given length like 1/2 or 1/3. I need this quite often when I need to place an object halfway between 2 other objects like a column etc. right now i have to draw a line first to catch a middle point.

Editing scaled Blocks

That’s it for now.