Missing Text saving V6 back to V5

I’ve been saving a bunch of V6 files back to V5, I generally have 2/3 pages of layouts with every model. On each layout I have a drawing label, with text etc placed in the notes panel. On page 1 it is all there, on pages 2 & 3 the text has disappeared, this is consistent across around 20 files I saved out yesterday.

That sounds pretty bad.
In my first simple test, I don’t see that, so I need some more info-

You’re talking about text in paper space only, right?
And you see the correct text in V6 before saving, right?
Is there any “visible in viewport” stuff involved?
Are those files that you made in V6 or were they read from V5 files?
Can you post a (hopefully simple) example of one of the files -
If it was originally made in v6, then a v6 file before saving as v5,
and if it was originally a v5 file, then a v5 file before it’s read into v6.

Hi Lowell, can I send it you privately as the drawing label has all contact details in aswell as the notes panels etc ? tia :slight_smile:

They were created in V6, have been using the eval, had a few difficulties with it and undecided as yet if to upgrade so saved a bunch of recent stuff back to V5 format. Yes text in layout space, not in model space. I’ve also noticed that sometimes geometry is locked, have to run the unlock command to free it back up.

@milezee - You can email to lowell@mcneel.com
or upload here:https://www.rhino3d.com/upload (change tech@mcneel.com to lowell@mcneel.com)

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Left office for the day, will send tomorrow, cheers

file sent

@milezee - I got the file you sent and I see that there is less text on Layou2.

But you sent a v5 file. I need the V6 file that has the text intact so that I can see what happens to keep it from saving to V5.

If I copy some text from Layout 1 and paste it onto Layout 2 and then save to V5, the text shows on Layout 2 as well. There must be something special about the text in your file.

Can you send me a V6 file?

Thanks, Lowell

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apologies, yes I should of realised you needed the V6 file, just sent, cheers :slight_smile:

I got the V6 file and I also see text missing when I save to V5. I’ll see what I can figure out.

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@milezee - There are a few things going on and I don’t really understand it all yet -

The text that doesn’t save to V5 uses your Eurostile font, right?
I don’t have Eurostile font so the text that uses it shows up in Arial. That should be ok, but it’s possible there’s some subtle problem related to it.

If I open your file and immediately save as V5, some text is missing,
If I open your file and select the text on the layouts (don’t make any changes) and save as V5, I get all of the text as Arial in the V5 file.

I’ll keep trying to figure this out and I’ll probably need more info when I figure out what to ask.

For now - Do you have this problem of not saving text to V5 with fonts other than Eurostile?

I’ve figured out how to duplicate the bug of not saving text to V5.
It has nothing to do with a specific font.
I’ll let you know when I get it fixed.
Thanks for the report and the help with it.

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No worries, happy to help, I’m sure there will be lots of people who need to be saving V6 to V5 files for a while yet

The text will be saved to V5 if it has been displayed in V6.
If you open a file wiht layouts and don’t display the layouts before you save the file, the text in page space in those layouts won’t be saved to V5
If you click into the layouts before you save, but text will make it to V5


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RH-45987 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate