Rhino 6 _TextObject missing a small but important UI feature!

Hello everybody!

I have a small/big problem:
Every time I created a type oject in Rhino 5 I just write what I need (mostly numbers for a watch dial) and then scroll through different fonts using the arrow key on the keyboard.

this way I can see lots of different font options very fast!

small aestetic differences are very important and to see them I needed to be quick!

this can’t be done anymore in Rhino 6! :frowning:
I now need to click - scroll - click through the drop down menu and only then see the visual effect!
a slow and cumbersome procedure…

I apreciate all new text fetures, but as it’s hard to find the right font between hunderts of fonts, I would prefere the Rhino 5 behaviour…

I think the “select focus” of the command UI should stay on the drop down menu. Not in the text input area.
Or you could just add 2 arrows to scroll up and down the list!

But i prefer the keyboard for hard and noisy key smashing! :smiley:

sorry, i just figured out that somehow it worked out… I think i clicked 3 times.

anyway… please check on this thing!

Hello - yeah, I know… this is a nuisance - it is on the pile as