Text edit is sloooooow

Editing text in Rhino V6 is very slooooooow.
Painfully to be exact. We need this fixed asap.

Sometimes I even need to resize the sidebars to even get the text to display.
V6 was a downgrade on this front, unfortunately.

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Everything is annoyingly slower in R6 in comparison to R5, but display. And the funny thing is that nobody reports it, as if majority of R6 users are 60+ y.o. that take a minute to think after executing commands and not noticing it. No disrespect to 60+ years old.

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Here are videos documenting the slowness.


Regarding drafting.

No one disagrees with you that your text editing is slow.
The question is why.
I’m a support monkey. I’m not a production user of Rhino, but I have not personally experienced this slowness. I have a few different computers I use to assess a variety of situations.

Let’s start with a description of your setup.
Please run the SystemInfo command in V6 and post the results.
Hopefully, there will be some things that stand out so we can further narrow down the causes.

Additionally, please post a small sample file with a representative text sample in it that is slow on your system.


Here it is Ok

I had that slowness before just like you are showing, though right now it is ok… I’d certainly try to see if it happens in safe mode too.