Text block seems to have changed since last update. Need to do extra click into the box first to write text. How to I stop it doing this?

Before the latest update, as soon as Text block was opened I could start writing, but now I have to do an extra click in the text field as it’s ghosted out as inactive. How to I stop it doing this and revert it back to before?

Hello - thanks, I see that difference between 6 and 7 - is that the update you are referring to, or between service releases of 7?


It’s actually just happened in the most recent service release on 7. My colleague hasn’t yet updated his Rhino 7 to the latest release and his Text Block still works the previous way.

Hello - OK, thanks for the report - I’ll see if I can find when it broke.
@Jam can you please run SystemInfo in Rhino and copy/paste the results here?
The public version of 7.9 seems correct here so far. Are you running service release candidates?