Testing SD Export Components Locally

Is there a way to test the ouputs of the SDExport components locally? Specifically, I would like to be able to preview the email body and generate sample output files to test in my other automations. I’ve been having some issues with .dxf file formatting downstream (using Pancake to test) and would like to be working with the actual ShapeDiver generated files to make sure I’m not trying to solve problems that aren’t going to be there later (or creating ones that I don’t yet know about!).


Please try to upgrade to the version 1.9.1 of the plugin which is already available via the Package Manager. If your previous version was not installed via the package manager, make sure you uninstall it or clean of the files from it before installing 1.9.1. You can launch the _PackageManager command in Rhino and look for ShapeDiver or use the link on food4rhino.

In the latest version, there are two improvements that should help you:

  • You can right-click on the export components and export the files locally to test the results.
  • The export components now use export options as inputs (instead of simply a file format). In particular, all export options for dxf files are exposed and you should be able to control the results.
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I’ve noticed that when exporting locally it leaves the Rhino viewports frozen. The fix is to use the Rhino command: SetRedrawOn

@ainsley The latest version of the ShapeDiver plugin (1.9.2-beta.1) is available through the package manager and solves the issue of the frozen Rhino viewport after exporting locally.