Hops / Get- and export components

For convenience, I want to be able to upload a script to SD using in and output components, so I can use the same script with Hobs (locally), but these components seem unsupported. Is there a good reason for that, or can the be enabled?


Thanks for reporting this, we will review these components and allow them if it makes sense.

@shwdehaan I got confused with this issue, my apologies. We already allow those components on the Rhino 7 system, in your case they were only denied because your account is still linked with Rhino 6. Your current ShapeDiver plan grants you an upgrade to the Rhino 7 system, let me know if you would like to switch to this system instead of Rhino 6.

Ah, thanks! I thought we switched to 7 already, so please go ahead!

I just switched your account, let me know if you experience any issues.

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