Terracing Curved Surface

Hi everyone.

I am currently in the process of prototyping a terraced roof on a curved surface. Trying to keep my explanation as simple, my end goal is to produce something quite similar to this, only on a smaller scale:

Now, onto the issues…

  1. I can’t seem to get my grid aligning evenly on a 45 degree angle like in the picture above. The current GH script I am currently using aligns the terrace blocks perfectly at 90 degrees (see image below)

While that works well, what I really want is for the blocks to be aligned on a grid set at 45 degree angle, as can be seen in greater detail in the image below.

Notice how perfect the alignment of the blocks are in the bottom right corner, this is something I am having issues trying to do. I am still quite new to GH (hence all the posts, which I do apologise about) and wasn’t to sure how to rotate in GH, as a result I rotated the surface in Rhino. The results were nothing like above, it was really messy.

The boxes just overlapped one another and it was just an eyesore. How can I solve this issue??

  1. Once it’s complete, is there a way in GH to trim the excess part of the boxes that sits below the surface that is used as a guide. I tried to Boolean split it in Rhino, but it was next to impossible to go through and delete everything. Surely there is an easier way in GH to do this.

Thanks once again. Please do not hesitate to ask for further explanation if I haven’t made any sense.


You have started a duplicate thread and renamed the original one (where you got the code and image mentioned here) with the useless title “Solved thread”:

Each time you describe your objective, including in the PM you sent me, the details change in subtle but very significant ways. This is a classic example of how this forum is often less about explaining Grasshopper and more about teaching people how to think algorithmically.

Re-posting my code from yesterday here - no one will ever find it in a thread titled “Solved thread”. Think man!

step_srf_2018Apr30a.gh (64.8 KB)

step_srf_2018Apr30b.gh (67.7 KB)

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Hope it helps you out on rotating grid…

VoxelOnSurface_re.gh (73.2 KB)

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Thank you for your help! There is one small issue with the end result however and i’m wondering if you know how to resolve it. Once the terrain grid is complete, my next step is to split it with the original surface as the original surface will act as the internal ceiling of the building. I will post an image of how I aim for it to look in the end below.

This leads me to my problem - There are some parts of the original surface that are visible in the terrain grid as seen below. Also the edges are visible, how can I resolve this issue?

Thank you again for your reply.

The gaps is no gh Problem. It’s because of the high Surface curvature. Just higher the Domain start of till they arent visible anymore.

For the halfs on the edges, I tried to rebuild your Surface as near as possible but “bigger” (not scaling it) Used @laurent_delrieu’s script for that.

VoxelOnSurface_re_re.gh (77.8 KB)

Btw: I wouldn’t mix a stepped Roof with a underlaying waffle structure. And yesterday you told me how important it is, the waffle can’t be simply extruded, because for your Renderings they can’t hang out of the Roof. How should that be possible with that fat boxes on the Roof?

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This is the end goal for my design, I really like the concept of the terrain (box-like) roof wit the waffle structure below it. This concept is the inspiration of my design. Does it make sense as to what exactly I’m trying to do @tim.stark.

I’m trying to make everything parametric-related as accurate in rhino as possible because I aim to then import them into a revit file as i prefer how revit deals with documentation.

Ok, you’re right, kinda looks good. But I would rework the base Surface. The curvature is too high at some Point, so the boxes you Need to cover are too big in my opinion.

Yeah I will rework the base surface, the one in the rhino file is just a test shape. How do you lengthen the waffle to create the shadow lines like you have in the above image?

what do you mean? it’s the waffle script i made you yesterday.

Sorry I meant to say how do you change the depth and thickness of the contours in the script? For some reason it wouldn’t work for me.

It’s the first slider in the script… called factor and is connected to the z vector …
And the slider called thickness …

Okay i’ll try again. thank you for all your help, I really appreciate everything you have done.

I’m trying to download the image from here but i got this type of error why so.

Blockquote Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Surely a discourse problem … It seems to appear everywhere

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Thank you @laurent_delrieu for clearing this out.

Hi - The people from Discourse have put a temporary fix in place that should prevent new uploads from disappearing. When they get back at work on Monday, they’ll investigate further.

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Upto now this error still remains the same

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Any news on that?
I’ve tried to download some zip or rar files.
Well, with rmb save as I can download, but the file name has changed. 7zip and winrar are not able to unzip the files.

We haven’t yet received confirmation that the fix has been completed.
But if you can download an attachment, all should be fine. Can you post a link to a message where you are having problems?

This file
And so many files. Many where posting on this issue.

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