Orientation Loft surfaces


I am trying to Orient some faces on a grid using the Orient Component.

Apparently my faces which arise from a loft operation do not match with the Orient Component.

I have tried then to use deconstruct Brep but my faces comes out divided in many pieces.

Does anyone know how a solution to this problem?

Please find attached my grh file

Orientation Triangle 03.gh (25.1 KB)

curves are missing

Sorry i was pretty sure I had used internalise data. Apparently not…
please find below the file gh with the curves

Orientation Triangle 03.gh (22.1 KB)

Thank you

can you draw what you want and in which direction?


Basically i would want to achieve this:

This work with surfaces but it doesn t work with my loft surfaces which includes various hole sizes in their center:

I guess It is probably not allowed to match loft surfaces with the Orient component.
Here is the full script
190304-ESPLANADE.gh (303.4 KB)

Thank you for your help

Is this what you want?

Orientation Triangle 03_re.gh (24.0 KB)

Thank you so much. your script is smart and make sense. it is simpler that I ve done before.
Is there a way to keep them on the grid but aligned their hypotenuse on the grid line and does grasshopper can dimension the panel or do i need to do by hand?

Try to align your initial planes of triangles with their hypotenuses.

Orientation Triangle 03_reV2.gh (26.5 KB)

Thank you so much you made me discovered some new components!