Creating equal panels on a curved surface with tapering corkscrew

Hi, hoping someone can help, I have this tower design with an outer facade that conically tapers along a helix. I have attempted through step by step iterations to work out how to turn the surface into a series of equally sized (ish) panels. I got so far and then the tapering of the shape affected the radius of the surface which required the angle of the panels to change. From the uploaded files (hopefully a rhino and grasshopper file) you can see the mess that happens with the ‘panels’ near the top of the tower.

Any help would be appreciated.

Parametric Tower.3dm (176.8 KB) (22.9 KB)

I attached a different approach to how you might solve this problem. It is a little simpler and may give you more control. It uses PanelingTools for Rhino (

I hope it helps (19.3 KB)


Thanks for getting back quickly, I still ahve the issue at the top where the smaller radius forces to panels to rotate differently is their anyway to adjust panel size/rotation as it goes upwards?

See if the attached works for you. I varied the distance and angle. (19.8 KB)

Did you notice this other thread? Looks similar.

Yeah that as my first iteration but after trying a work around my self I progressed it a step further and then hit the latest stumbling block

Oh. Two threads, same topic, same person, subtle difference…? The little details I worked out in the other thread, like the ability to change the Arc tangent angle, don’t apply here? The objectives in that thread were clearer than this one. What a pity.

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not sure if this will help, the panels are pretty easy to do, depends on the approach, i am not sure if you needed gaps between them, that would be easy to do also,

the versions i made has an option to change the curvature of the profile, you could also attach this to a range and this create less or more curved profiles during the overall sweep / lofted sections

Workflow (17.1 KB)

changed untis and cplane as it was all a little messed up:

Parametric Tower 2.3dm (255.7 KB)

– as untrimmed sections

single untrimmed srf

adjustments etc:

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