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solved. left blank…

Terracing Curved Surface
(Amir Habibi) #2

You gotta 1st. Populate points on your geometry and you could use voxel Componenet from mesh tools plugin
to generate the boxes (11.7 KB)

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thanks for the reply!

Its close, but not quite exactly what i was imagining. See the image attached, I am looking for the boxes to intersect at the midpoint of the box below.


#4 (64.8 KB) (surface is internalized, no need for Rhino file)

I’m not so sure that is feasible? Which box below? Here is a way to add some overlap based on an arbitrary scale Z factor (“1.5”). Or it could also be a fixed height for all boxes. (67.7 KB)

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How do i make it so the box starts from the midpoint of the box below? see image above


Which “box below”? I’m done, have fun, bye-bye.

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Each box has two, three or four adjacent boxes that can be below or above. Your mental model, as described so far, doesn’t account for this since you apparently assume there is only one?