Help with projecting a 45 degree rotated grid on surface

Hi, I’m trying to project boxes on an organic surface at a 45 degree angle. I’ve so far tried two different scripts but I dont get the desired result. I’ve shared two images, the scripts I’ve tried and the result. The one in the middle is my desired result. Do you have any suggestion of what I could try to reach my desired result?

Thanks in advanceGrasshopper|attachment (13.8 KB) (9.9 KB)

Thank you so much! I will try it out first thing in the morning! Really appreciate your help!

Hi again! I attempted to apply your script to mine and got some nice result. However I’m some problem when I’m applying it to a large surface (6400x1800cm). When I plug in my surface into surface split my rhino keeps crashing. Is this due to my computer not being able to handle the large file or is there something wrong in my script? Thanks in advance. (16.2 KB)

here’s another approach…

Converting the surface into a quad mesh first, it’s easy to change it into a diagonalized mesh. From there, mesh normals are used to generate planes per face, boundaries are projected onto their plane, offset and extruded. Not exactly sure what your goal is, but this is an efficient way to generate boxes on an organic surface. (1.5 MB)

Thank you for your reply! My goal is to achieve something similiar to this:

The boxes should be following the geometry of the surface but going straight along the z-axis.

well then what about this…

The grid has to be larger than your surface. The boxes along the edges are missing, so not perfect yet

20_05_11_boxes on (19.8 KB)

here’s a version with the partial boxes included:

20_05_11_boxes on (18.9 KB)

Check this topic as well.

Wow, they’ve actually discussed and solved the problem in that topic. Thanks for digging that up and thank you all for your replies!