Tensile Mesh


I am trying to create a tensile mesh similar to what I’ve done here but now the gaps are smaller and arranged differently.

I pretty much used the same scrip yet for some reason I ended up with the mesh forming these towers. Any thoughts on what might be causing that? I am guessing there is something wrong with the way I applied the forces but I’m not sure.

You can find the scrip here: tensile mesh.gh (29.0 KB)

Thank you so much!!

Hi @IK2

I see you have only the naked edges (E1) connected to the Length goals. You need tension in the internal edges if you want the mesh to change shape.

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Ohh yeah, you are right. I didn’t see that. Now it works. Thank you so much!!

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I’ve made some changes in order to get circular extrusions and a more stretched tensile structure with evenly distributed anchor points. so you can have a look…

tensile mesh_re.gh (40.4 KB)


That is brilliant. Looks way more refined. Thank you!!