Increasing tension in Kangaroo mesh

I’m trying to create a triangular tensile structure in kangaroo, but I’m not able to tighten the mesh to make it look firm, It either gets sucked in too much and thins the base mesh too much, or sags, and looks like it’s crumpling. I’m using the edge lengths function to control the mesh size. I’m not sure how to upload files here, but can readily upload the file if there is a possibility.

Yes, we’ll need to see the files to help.

When replying you can use this icon to add a file

Thanks, missed that, uploading it here
rhino tensile triangular.3dm (89.5 KB)
tensile (21.1 KB)

If you notice, the edges either sag or get pulled in too tightly when the length factor function is modified. Still very new to gh and kangaroo, so really trying to find my way around it.1

Attaching some reference images of what I’m trying to acheive

Thanks in advance

You need to give the exterior edges of the mesh a higher tension than the interior.
It is also often helpful to remesh before relaxing so the edges are more evenly distributed. (11.7 KB)

This is such a big help. Thank you so much. Followed a lot of tutorials that prdominantly showed using the edgelength function. Didn’t know about the line function up until now. Also in addition, would you be able to tell me how i could go about causing a slight depression in the centre, so it sorta looks like the images? I’m assuming its got to be a load function, but i’m not sure which one or how to use it.

Yes- you can use the ‘VertexLoads’ goal found under the Goals-Mesh tab

Got it!! Works like a charm. Thank you so much!

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