Need help creating tensile pipe

Hey there!
I am trying to create a tensile structure, where there is a pipe stretched out between 3 different boxes, like shown in the physical model. I have very little experience with GH, but from what i’ve seen, this is probably sth that has to be done with kangaroo.
I’ve tried with KangarooPhysics and set SpringsFromMesh and Gravity as the force objects. I also set as Geometry the meshes created from the boxes’ surfaces. However, it didn’t work.
(I am using Grasshoper 0.9.0066 and Kangaroo 0099)
Any response will be appreciated.Thanks!

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Hi, welcome to the forum.
There’s an example here which is very close to what you show:

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Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:
I’ll give it a try!

Hi @irotouk246 , You could start by steps in the image.
Keep in mind that Cables need to land on box corners when you create base mesh.
For further information you could learn more from @DanielPiker’s samples.
meshbyK2-191130.3dm (350.5 KB) (11.6 KB)


thanks a lot!

I’m trying to go the other way - Kangaroo to physical model. @irotouk246 what material did you use for the membrane and cables (i.e. elastic or non-elastic string?)

for the membrane I used tights (elastic and transparent) and for the cables non elastic string (fishing line)

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Thanks a ton for posting these two files. I just stumbled upon this thread. Rhino file along with the Grasshopper one is immensely useful. The internalized geometry in a .gh file in other cases while learning new plugins leaves a newbie puzzled about the origins.