Kangaroo-Spring-Control Mesh Boundary/ Tensile Fabric

Dear all,
I make a model of tensile fabric roof but having trouble with how to control the mesh boundary when using Kangaroo/ spring
In general, my method is:

  1. Create multi-loft surface => join them to be single mesh
  2. Collect anchor points/ Spring segments
  3. Using Kangaroo to define a mesh
    But the result having some issue. Please check
    Issue and Expected result Images:

    Rhino& Grasshopper files
    Issue 1:
    TENSILE-ISSUE1-181220.3dm (20.2 KB)
    TENSILE-ISSUE1-181220.gh (16.6 KB)

Issue 2:
TENSILE ISSUE 2 - 181220.3dm (949.7 KB)
TENSILE ISSUE 2 - 181220.gh (35.6 KB)

Thank you for your help!

The Naked Points component just outputs the points in the same order as the vertices of the input mesh - so they won’t generally be ordered along the boundary. I added a sort component to fix this.
TENSILE-ISSUE1-181220_fix.gh (22.8 KB)

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This might be the same solution as Daniels (don’t have plugins on this computer), but thought I would leave the method I usually go with for getting the sorted naked edge/vertex loops for a mesh:

181220_GetOrderedNakedEdgeLoops_GHPython_00.gh (52.8 KB)

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Thank you Daniel, I fix the code as your advice for issue 2: The boundary curves are smooth now but it breaks at brep joints.
Could you please suggest how to solve the isse to get boundary as dashed curves?

Rhino & Grass files:
Issue2.1-181221.3dm (17.6 MB)
Issue2.1-181221.gh (35.9 KB)