Tensegrity structures of desired shape

Hello Guys,

I was wondering if there is any component or known workflow that will help create tensegrity structures of any desired shape, somewhat similar to the image attached. It would be ideal if we can achieve something similar to the paper added below. (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/329431998_Cellular_morphogenesis_of_three-dimensional_tensegrity_structures)

Thank you.

maybe this is helpful:

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Thank you, I will have a look at it. I am looking for something to use as a template rather than to build it from scratch, due to lack of time on the client-side. I am looking at this paper as a reference.


If what you’re looking for is an implementation of the specific approach in that paper, it would be best to include the attribution of the image when you first post and say so.
I see it’s a fairly recent paper though, so I doubt you’re going to find a ready made solution for exactly that. Maybe try contacting the authors.

The approach in the paper by Tachi linked by @rudolf.neumerkel above is surface mesh based rather than volumetric like the paper you link. I posted an implementation of this idea back in the old forum:

The definition there is with the old Kangaroo, but here’s a version updated for the K2 solver:
freeform_tensegrityK2.gh (17.8 KB)

The last video in the reply by Piotr in that thread shows another interesting and quite simple volumetric approach based on a regular 3d weave, trimmed to a boundary surface. I imagine that general idea could also be adapted to freeform shapes.

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Thank you @DanielPiker, however, it would be ideal to replicate the process from scratch I needed a fast approach due to the deadline. But, apart from that, I could maybe create a marching cube algorithm or maybe hardcode the instructions instead of feeding it to the loop. And in this case, I only see the use of Kangaroo to simulate and validate the structure, instead of using it for form-finding as the final geometry should consist stable configuration.

Also thanks for the definition and post link, somehow I am missing the Reciprocal component. I will update the post if I do get any success.

P.s. I am fairly new to the forum and apologize to not include the complete information. I will keep it in mind from now onwards.

this was just posted on food4rhino, seems relevent.


Hi Daniel,

I’ve been trying to get into some tensegrity modeling in Kangaroo and wanted to give this a shot but can’t find the Reciprocal plug-in anywhere–could you direct me to where it’s available?