Kangaroo disjoint lines

I’m working on several ways to create tensegrity cells. Those are made by pure geometric equilibrium to i’m using kangaroo solver to get the right shape.


One of the ways to create such geometry is to make all the blue lines in this pattern the same length as well as the red lines.

Unfortunately, when I do, the result is absolutely wrong. I suspect that it’s because of the disjoint lines that kangaroo moves independently from one to another. In the initial pattern each junction as got 4 lines (for the extremity nodes the fourth line is one joining them so it’s hidden behind the other smaller lines)

I don’t understand why it happens as the other scripts work fine.

If anyone has got an idea of how to join all the lines it would be super cool !

Thank you in advance !

tensile cell form finding.gh (65.4 KB)

Is it just that one set of lines is not connected to the Length goal?

Also, for something like this that starts all in one plane, but is supposed to end up 3 dimensional, you might need to add something to nudge it out of plane. With the regular solver this can be done with a grab component, or you could add some tiny initial displacement out of plane to any of the points.

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Oh my god …
This was a quite stupid mistake I just didn’t notice …

But thank you ! I indeed forgot to plug the component in. After I moved some of the point I still don’t have the good result but the geometry isn’t planar anymore. Now, it’s probably a matter of few adjustment. :grin: