Membrane tensegrity form finding

I was reading a paper on tensegrity membrane form finding and i tried to apply the grasshopper script mentioned in the paper in order to test it but i don’t seem to get any results in 3d. According to the paper you should make a 2d pattern of struts and the membrane created from a delauney mesh should work as springs in order to give a 3d form. Could anybody help?

I have uploaded the paper in pdf and the grasshopper script.


tensegrity.pdf (5.1 MB) tensegrity (16.2 KB)

I tried rebuilding that script as well and wasn’t able to get any 3d movement either.

Thanks for the try. I think it has to do with the vertices you choose in the list.

tensegrity membrane (26.1 KB)

tensegrity (23.5 KB)

The idea is to create a proper “membrane” in kangaroo… i think a higher count of triangles is better.

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Hello Riccardo! Thank you very much for the scripts. This is exactly what I am looking for !

The problem is that I don’t have Rhino 6 and some of the components of Kangaroo 2.5 don’t load (i.e load, grab etc). I tried using unary force instead of the load component but it doesn’t seem to work.

Do you think you could help with an alternating solution for Rhino 5? I would be more than thankful!

This script is really vital for my university project and your answer came just on time of the exams! I am actually trying to correlate origami patterns with membrane tensegrity patterns and study the shapes they produce. You seem really fluent with the subject and your opinion would also be more than welcome…

… probably.

But first, have you tried to install kangaroo 2.4.2?
It should work also on rhino 5… not?

Try this tensegrity membrane (24.1 KB) , it works on my RH5.
The non-simplified version rely on remeshing (to give the membrane a more uniform structure) and have some “reinforcement” near where the beams are attached to the membrane (like it would be irl).
It could be done, maybe, with the old “MeshMachine” but i have no longer the files for that.

Also, the simplified version seems quite more reliable.

Thanks again Riccardo for your immediate answer!

I already have Kangaroo 2.4.2 (and checked again) but the first scripts you have sent still don’t work.

However the your new gh script for RH5 works great!

I already tried some other patterns but cant get the results I should (like the example you have sent). The anchor points are not anchoring the structure (even though i selected them manually to the closest point component) and in one example the lines of the “struts” brake.

I am attaching the Rhino file with the patterns and some photos of what shapes they should produce.

origami to membrane tensegrity patterns.3dm (90.6 KB)

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I see… many pictures :sweat_smile:
I think it would be not wise to try to make a single generic definition that can simulate each and every of them.
Also, for tensegrity thought it means pure compression/dilatation of beams/strings.
The case with 3 beams linked together would have the center node subject to flexion , no?

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I think you are right. I have overdone it… (but as I told you… exams…)

It actually depends on the stiffness of the materials.
This is why I have sent so many pictures, in order to show that the forms I am trying to get from the script can be produced in real life.

According to the pdf paper I have sent at the start of this conversation, this script should work for all cases. I am just trying only the ones in the rhino file I’ve sent and I can’t think of any useful modifications.
If you have any thoughts or solutions they would be more than welcome.

Anyway, I really appreciate your support and help.