'Tensegrity' information/help

im working on a tensegrity structure with unique shape.
Seems grasshopper is perfect for this :slightly_smiling_face:
Does anyone have good idea how to start or have a good script/gh file to share with me
so i can learn and progress from there ?
the shape is in the rhino image attached. so thinking how to structurally fill the shape.

Tensegrity=the characteristic property of a stable three-dimensional structure consisting of members under tension that are contiguous and members under compression that are not."

Try google…

yes, i have googled and also seen this link. yet it doesnt really help as its mostly to check elasticity and im working with ridgid cables (stainless steel)
Im more looking into definitions that would fill a space of a shape…

You can fabricate with whatever stiffness of cable you want after the form-finding step -
You use the initial simulation with elastic members to find an equilibrium state with all cables in tension, and then use the lengths from that process for the steel cables.

As for generating initial geometries, one approach is something similar to the first part of this

that is for reciprocal structures, but the idea of rotating edges about their midpoints like this can also be applied to tensegrity design, as described here by Tomohiro Tachi: