Temporary File Could Not Be Renamed

Continuing the discussion from "Parameter is Incorrect" - Rhino 6:

Perhaps related to the above discussion - Occasionally when trying to save a rhino file (now only on our desktop due to above server conflict), now I’m getting the attached error message. Now not only do we have to save files to our desktop, we have to also save-as in order to save a file, this ends up with dated files with _a, _b, etc. adding insult to injury when it comes to file organization and sharing per the above.

Any solutions on the horizon for the server and saving issues?
Screenshot 2022-03-23 173518

So a bit of googling about this issue with Windows in general seems to indicate that if it’s happening intermittently–if it was all the time it would mean bad user permissions settings–it’s most likely due to some 3rd party locking that temp file, like antivirus software, replication, something like that.