Failed To Save

I am getting an error when writing to my “Documents” library, which is mapped to secondary D: drive. It looks like this:

Rhino 7 Failed to Save

Failed to save Rhino 7 file D:\Users******.3dm.
Seeking while writing to the disk or storage device failed.


Based on other threads I have tried changing the WriteLocalTempFileWhenSaving option to True, but I get this error instead.

Rhino 7 Failed to Save

Failed to save Rhino 7 file D:\Users****.3dm.
The temporary file could not be renamed.


I CAN Save as to a different directory on the same drive. For example my “Desktop” is located adjacent to the Documents folder on the same drive, no problems.

I’ve checked the Permissions between the two folders and they are identical.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Hello - presumably other applications can save to this folder with no issues?


Correct, I am not having problems saving to that directory with any other application.

I take that back!.. And I found the answer. It was “Controlled Folder Access” in Windows Security. I have added Rhino as an allowed app.

Sorry for the noise.

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Ah, good to know, thanks for the update.