Template for custom size pdf?

Hello everyone,

sometimes I need custom size pdfs:

However, I have to change these settings every time I want to print a pdf. When I start the print dialog, the settings are changed to a default. It´s kind of annoying.

Is it possible to save a custom size in the print dialog using Rhino PDF? I am using Rhino 6.

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No, it’s not possible currently.
It’s not in Rhino V7 either.
There is an existing feature enhancement request.
I’ve added another one.


Alright, thanks.
That would be a nice feature.

Is it possible to think about layouts in that same request ?
The Size (format) could be set to “auto detected” and calculated accordingly to the View and Output Scale settings.
In that case, Scale would be optionally effective on the format, the content or both.

And not the least, to be able to create a multiple pages document with different formats would be really handy. By example, as soon as a layout is in a different orientation of the others, we have to split output process by as many formats as layouts use.

The way I create my custom formats is to use my own python scripts to detect my output size based on my selected objects. If I want to force a format, I draw and select a rectangle of that format around my content.



Hi -

Use SaveAs instead of Print to create PDFs with pages with different formats.

Ouch !
Real happy to learn that !
However, how come as a daily user for years I don’t know that main feature ?
Why is it different than the print dialog ?
Which is the most intuitive way to print something IMHO.

I still think that scale should be optionally effective on the format, the content(current behavior) or both.


Hi -

It hasn’t always been different. The SaveAs (and, on Mac, ExportAll) workflow use the new cross-platform “printing” system. This is to replace the old Print routine at some point.