Printing different size layouts at the same time


how can I print different sized layouts with one print command? Say that I have both A4 and A3 sized layouts and want to print them all at once into one pdf file? Now it seems the print dialog only allows me to choose one paper size, regardless of varying layout sizes.

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In the print setup dialog you have the option under View and Output Scale to print Layout and under that you can select Multiple layouts or a range of layouts 1,3 or 1-5 etc. and it will send them to your .PDF …when you create each layout each one can be of a different size, and show a different viewport or detail which I am sure you already know. Hope that helps.

Scott, thanks for your reply. When doing what you suggest (View and Output Scale - Layout + Multiple layouts selected), I end up with the whole PDF as A3 size, even though I have both A3 and A4 sized layouts selected in the multiple layouts range. I’d like Rhino to print a pdf which includes both A3 and A4 sized sheets.

Yes I see what you mean… it defaults to the A3 paper…for both or in my case to 11.7x16.5… I do not believe it would be possible, unless you create each size as a different .pdf and then merge them which I did not try. I think the best way would still be to make a separate .pdf and then print. If you are sending out to some one, just zip or .rar the .pdfs together. The only way I could do it from a single pdf was to select a single page and set the paper size then go to the next page and reset the paper again. I am using Nitro Reader.