Rhino PDF custom size bug

Hi everyone,

When i print a pdf using rhino pdf i always have to change from inch to mm without measurement conversion, so i always have to restore the custom size.

This i not a big deal if you create a pdf a week, but is so annoying when i need to print a many of pdf a day.

Is this issue fixeble in any way on rhino7??

Hello- Iā€™m not sure what you mean here exactly - can you give a blow by blow?


Hi Pascal, I am not sure what @samuelef1992 means but I always get my units in cm when printing from a custom size. Not sure if bug or not but not ideal.

No matter the units of my model or my layout:

Start new document:
Create layout with custom size (lets do 50 by 50)

Print and I get this:

Change unit from window to back inches and I get this: (no conversion)

Even when I input everything correctly and print:

Print again and my window is back like this:

The same happens when printing to image. And for some reason it also does not remember that I printed to image and default back to Rhino PDF.

Hi and sorry for may late reply.

My issue is almost the same that @ShynnSup desrcibe.

  1. I set Rhino PDF size from inch to millimetres
    Rhino PDF_1

  2. Now if for some reason i cloese print window PDF size is back to inch and Rhino convert the measures
    Rhino PDF_2

  3. After reopen print window I need to set PDF units back to millimetres but this time Rhino does NOT convert measures and scale my document preview, i must reset PDF size manually like 1.step.
    Rhino PDF_3

I think rhino pdf default units should be the same as document settings.

!!Quick update!!

This issue have been fix on the last release.

Thank you, Samuele.

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