Pdf creation : inconsistencies


I found 2 problems with pdf creation and I want to suggest 2 enhancements to the print dialog.

Problem #1 : Line width are not consistent depending on resolution dpi.

It is true using rhinocommon or print dialog. It seems that thin lines suffers from low dpi, it gets larger. Which should not happen cause it is in vector mode.
I made a sample code creating a pdf.

Problem #2 : Printing pdf with margins is not reliable.

When adding margins to the print dialog, the preview seems fine but the output is not.
preview :


enhancement #1 : synced margins

Frequently, margins are the same, it would be useful to be able to sync them :slight_smile: image

enhancement #2 : print dialog layout format detection

I would be useful to have the print dialog detect the format of each layout instead of selecting it (again) in the size dropdown. Accordingly, the orientation would be detected too.


pdf_line_width.py (1.3 KB)
pdf_line_width.3dm (59.4 KB)
pdf_line_width_output.pdf (82.2 KB)


Hi, there is an existing feature enhancement request similar to your second suggestion: