Technic Font Weirdness

Text “11” does not appear in Layout when set to Technic font.

Run Text command
type 11 and it does not appear in the layout (is visible in text window and properties)
edit to 1 works
edit to 111 works
edit to 11 does not work
edit to 10 works
edit to 12 works
edit to 11 with a return works

At some point while playing with this it started appearing consistently as expected.

I noticed this while creating a heap of leaders as part labels.

Anyway, thought the devs should know.

It will help them if you tell the version of Rhino, Operating system, graphics card and it’s driver version.

Hi Nick - weird - that works here so far.

Can you repeat on a different machine?


Version 5 SR14 64-bit
(5.14.522.8390, 22/05/2017)

Win 7 64 bit

G’day Pascal, of course not, I can’t even repeat it on my own machine this morning. :grin: Weird. It was consistently disappearing in a leader and as normal text if set to 11 for a couple of minutes, everything else worked as expected.

Anyway, probably not worth spending anymore time on. Thanks for the feedback.

Okey-doke, I’ll sleep better tonight, thanks for the update!


I can’t repeat it here either.
I was suspecting a problem with the Technic font definition file on your system, but they don’t magically “heal” themselves either.

A mystery…