Tech Illustration style image output

In Rhino, how can I output this style of technical illustration image?

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use the pen display mode and turn on shadows.

Cheers Holo

Here are more display styles and options:

Well its news to me there are more display settings available.
Some of them are great! - Why are these not bundled with v5?
How is anyone going to know they are there?
Further, how is anyone even going to know the whole wiki is there?
There is no link to it from the rhino3d site that I can find…?

As for the actual display settings:

  • why arn’t the bit maps needed included in the zip files for each mode?

  • the patent mode doesn’t display shadows. The text on the wiki talks about adjusting “shadow line angle” There is no option called this in the display settings.
    There is no way I can get this mode to display any kind of shadows.

  • the ghosted blueprint mode displays on the model a missing texture graphic - something like “…ments\blueprint-pa…”

  • the blueprint background graphic displays at the top right “download more graphics at www somewhere or other”

These have obviously not been tested properly, and it makes rhino look tacky.
Surely it cant be too hard to include original consistent bit maps in the zip files, rather than sending people off to sundry other websites, and to ensure everything works on a number of computers? Some of those bit maps are small jpg’s, but the blueprint png is over 2megs…

You might say well there has been little interest in these additional display modes - I would suggest if that’s the case its because no-one knows they exist!

One of the great things about sketchup is that includes a large number of these kind of custom display modes - they are extremely useful when presenting work when it is still in concept stages, so clients don’t get caught up thinking all the details are resolved.
In fact one of the reasons in the past I have sometimes exported to sketchup is to simply to be able to present a concept using one of their display modes, and their animation pages.

Rhino can obviously do this kind of thing, but with far too much mucking about.
I posted a long how-to a few years back about doing this - it was a lot of work…
Why don’t you make it easy?
How about in V6 you offer a number of built in display modes, and tune up the named views/named layer states and animation to create an elegant presentation tool…?


Well, how about to start with Rhino manual? To often new Rhino users are bombarding the forum with questions showing they newer touch the manual! > learn > FAQ.

FWIW, to me, a wiki is a bit bigger than a FAQ and perhaps this could be renamed?

It’s also on the Support page… But it is kinda buried, true. On the “Learn” page maybe the title could read FAQ/WIKI…


I have not seen any other software developers who uses the term wiki for their knowledge bank.
So maybe it should be rebranded?

A Wiki is a collaborative project (like Wikipedia) - in principle, anyone can add/edit the McNeel Wiki, which makes it different from a simple knowledge base/faq. Authorization in the form of a log-in is needed once - basically to prevent spam. Many sites now only offer links to their “community” or forum for help…


Yes, I know the definition of a wiki, but does the average user?
And maybe it doesn’t matter as long as the users easily finds the info they look for.

Hi Tony-

Dunno - @scottd, wouldn’t that make more sense?

It seems to work OK here - you may need a groundplane on to see cast shadows with default lighting since the shaded sides tends to be away from the camera.


Thanks Pascal - turning on the groundplane enabled me to at least see something like a shadow, and from there I was able to tweak it to work.

The missing bitmap in ghosted blueprint mode is:

[image not found: “c\users\scottd\Documents\blueprint-paper.jpg”]

So I’d like that bitmap, or I’d like to know how to tell rhino to forget it, since I would actually like to use that display mode for a presentation…


I think this is what you are looking for. It is quite large and you can always resize it to 1920x1080 in photoshop.
Save the file somewhere you can find it again, and redirect the link in the viewmode that you list above to find the JPG file.
You can download the original high res(5000x?) image by clicking on the image above, or you can get a 1920x1440 res version that I have downsized here:

Just replace the link in the Viewmode in Rhino with a link to the new file.-Michael VS

Which ones do you mean? The ones that don’t come with V5 are custom modes created by users. Anyone can create and share a display mode.

I mean the four or so that are on the wiki, and look like they were built by people at mcneel
They are sufficiently different from the few that are bundled with rhino to be included as standard - and they are pretty good.
Why wouldn’t you do this?

I understand we can write our own, but not everyone wants or needs to - taken together (the few in rhino as std, and these ones on the wiki) make a great starter set showing the kind of things that are possible, and are also an encouragement to roll your own by using them as a base.


Cheers Michael.

Well, where would we stop? If we shipped every custom buggy whip that users create, Rhino would be full of scripts, display modes, toolbars, color schemes, plug-ins and who knows what? That’s what this forum and the public wiki are for.

Excluding wireframe, shaded, ghosted and rendered and including the five extra mcneel modes on the wiki, I have 11 display modes.
That is hardly “every custom buggy whip” , when you consider sketchup, for example, ships with 98, including a great tabbed interface for organising and editing them, and indeed a whole separate program called “style builder” where if you are so inclined, (which I’m not) you can build your own from scratch.
Call me stupid, but even though I’ve been using rhino since before v1 came put, and I knew that if you could wade through the arcane display mode interface, you could actually make your own modes, I didn’t know there were extra display modes sitting on the wiki.
Anyway, if nothing else I’ve learned a great new phrase …“every custom buggy whip”.


@margaret, you’ve got me confused now. I was also under the impression that these were McNeel modes. I’ve now tried to find information on who’s edited that page but that doesn’t seem to be possible. I suggest that you guys change at least that!