Display Mode that looks like SketchUp

I would like to mimic the SketchUp look, you know the heavy outline, solid fill, and grayish shadow. Was wondering if anyone has setup this up before and saved it out. I was tweaking the settings and did not quite get the look. The gray shadows dont look that good. Thanks.

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See this thread:


I am also looking for sketchup display settings for Rhino. If you have pre-settings could you share with us also?

Thank you!

Try this Rendered like sketchup.ini (12.8 KB)

Hope it helps - Nate’s Studio Desk

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These are some display modes i made. Hope you find them helpful.

Display Modes:
04_Conceptual.ini (13.0 KB)

07_Revit Style .ini (13.9 KB)

09_Arctic With Outline.ini (12.9 KB)

12_White and Lines.ini (13.6 KB)

14_Plain Colors and Lines Shaded.ini (13.9 KB)

15_White and Lines Shaded Colored no outline.ini (13.9 KB)

This is how i made them if you are interested:

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