Tables list parameters - error

Hi, Do you know why same door styles are not visibility in tables ? The same problem is with fire parameter (Kl. odporności ogniowej)

Hello @kozlowski.wojciech.w,

Which is the result you would like to have? Could you show me any example? Please, could you send me the file, so that I can see what is causing the problem? Which Rhino and VisualARQ versions are you using?

Hi, I would like to have list of all door in building.
In tables i need parameters like, Symbol of door (Style), measurements, fire ration etc.
When i create tables i see only some parameters and I don’t know why. Every doors was created by the same way.
For example - in tables i see D2 - all parameters which I need. D1 is crush because i don’t see Parameter - Style. DZ4 is crush because i don’t see Parameter - Style, Kl. odporność ogniowej

I use Rhino 5, Visualarq 2
I send email with file to Alfonso Melero Beviá

Hello @kozlowski.wojciech.w,

When you create a vaTable you need to make sure you are selecting all the openings in the model so that all of them are listed.

In the “Ilość” field, inside the vaTable style editor, you can select how you want the fields to group.

In this case, I have group them by style:

The result is that I get one row for each style and if any field has got different values for objects with the same style, this field is left empty:

If you need to see all the objects, you can unselect all the items in the “Ilość” field.

So, if you don’t see some parameters, please make sure your grouping settings in the “Ilość” field are not hiding them.