Parameter list


Is there a way to name parameters whit the same name?

I need to tag all my elements like this:
Pset_CurtainWallCommon → Status → New/Existing/Temporary/Demolish
Pset_WallCommon → Status → New/Existing/Temporary/Demolish
Pset_ColumnWallCommon → Status → New/Existing/Temporary/Demolish

And status is the name for all of them.

Hello - please provide some context for your question - is this about Rhino at all?


Hi Pascal

Yes, Rhino 7. I need to put properties on all my buildingelements befor exporting them to Ifc. Where these properties defines if the element is New/Existing/Temporary/Demolish.

But it seems like i can only use the name Status once.

Hello - are you using Rhino inside Revit by any chance? I do not see anything here that is Rhino.


Hi Pascal,

No i am not

(see picture).

Ah, VisualArq then, it looks like.


Hi Pascal,

So theres a setting whitin VisualARQ that dosent allow me to name Status more then once?

Hello - I’ve moved this conversation over to VA - hopefully you can get some help there.
@fsalla can you help?


Thanks for the help Pascal.

@Her, I’ve replied to you by private email. But just for anyone else who is seeing this thread, right now Document custom parameters can’t take the same name, even though they are in different categories. We are going to improve this in VisualARQ 3 version.